Looking for factory, warehouse or office space for your business? Will B1 be suffice for your trade or do you require B2? Is it better to buy or rent? Are industrial properties in Singapore investment worthy and if yes, how much yield should you expect and what are the risks? Freehold or 30/60 years tenure? Are there different type of industrial properties and if yes, what are their differences? What should you look out for before committing to an industrial unit? Are industrial properties any different from residential counterparts? Is certain XYZ new launch a good buy?

It is confusing and at times even pressurizing with agents and sales from all backgrounds trying to push certain new launches or industrial sub sale units to you the moment you tried to ask something. I totally understand this frustration and hence created and dedicated this website solely for queries regarding industrial properties only, to keep topics here focused and relevant so your queries may be attended to and responded in a timely and appropriate manner. 

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